About Us

Vision Statement
To see every scholar at Kearny Elementary School achieve at his or her maximum potential in an engaging, inspiring and challenging learning environment

Our Mission
General Philip Kearny School community will work together in a space that is safe, where all are valued. Kearny school expects everyone to contribute to the success of the entire school community. We strive to build a culture of equity for all learners that honors and celebrates their rich heritage. We will respect the importance of teaching and learning. We will display dignity and integrity at all times. WE WILL KNOW THE TRUTH OF WHO WE ARE AND WE WILL USE OUR GREATNESS TO IMPACT THE WORLD.

Each student regardless of his or her academic levels will leave eighth grade: Having met or exceeded state standards in all subject areas. They will specifically…

• Be proficient readers and writers

• Be scientifically literate through the experience of inquiry and discovery

• Have been introduced to Algebra

• Be able to participate in the global society each student will thrive in a just, fair, and caring learning environment that fosters confidence and sense of belong. Each student will receive high quality, standard-based instruction in all subject areas. Each student will understand and focus on high quality work that meets standards and state required competencies.